Special Event for Clan Ranked Match

  • Added Special Event
  • Mission: Special Event
  • Definition: Receive a reward of Clan Ranked Match Special Box every day by playing 1/3/6 times of Clan Ranked Matches
  • Reward: Clan Ranked Match Special Box
  1. Nimravus Baroque / Permanent
  2. AK12 Snowflake / Permanent
  3. SR-47 Snowflake / Permanent
  4. DSR-1 Snowflake / Permanent
  5. Medal 450
  6. Medal 150
  7. Gold 45,000
  8. Gold 15,000
  9. M67 H/G 3D
  10. M67 H/G 1D
  11. M18 Smoke 3D
  12. M18 Smoke 1D
  13. MK13 Flash 3D
  14. MK13 Flash 1D

Improved Quick Match and Clan Ranked Match Matching Logic

  • Players with similar skills will be matched together
  • Improvement for Clan Ranked Match
    – Random Matching is removed and matches are matched against teams with similar personal rank points.
    – If the matching does take longer than expected, then emergency matching will be triggered but won’t have too much difference in rank points.

Disconnect Indication in Recent Records

  • Disconnnect is now visible in recent records

Removed Halloween Event

  • Following events will be removed due to end of Halloween event
    – End of all sale items during Halloween season
    – End of Halloween skin items and box sale
    – End of Halloween card sale
    – Removed PVE-Event Channel
    – End of Halloween Special event
    – End of AI mission
    – Removed Halloween Special Box A in Clan Daily Mission


  • New Weapon: K2C GL
    – Price: 120,000 Gold / Permanent
  • Gold Class Supply Item
    – Price: 500 Bullet
    – You will receive 200,000 Gold, M67 H/G Gold 15D, M18 Smoke Gold 15D, and MK13 Flash Gold 15D upon opening of Gold Class Supply Item


  • K2C GL Skins
    – K2C GL White Wolf
    – Price: 20,000 BS Coin / Permanent

    – K2C GL Granite
    – Price: 500 BS Coin / Permanent

    – K2C GL Digital Tiger
    – Price: 500 BS Coin / Permanent


  • 2017 Winter Special Box
    – Price:120 Bullet
    – 2017 Winter Special Box items are as follows

  • K2C GL BOX
    – Price: 80 Bullet
  • Following random boxes will be changed as below
    – Kriss Vector Box
    – Kriss Vector Dark Castle -> Kriss Vector Jackal
    – Scar-H Box
    – Scar-H Unicorn -> Scar-H Black Urban
    – Dragunov Box
    – Dragunov Blue Edge -> Dragunov Legendary


  • Wolf Spider map is added to Quick Match, Custom Match, and Clan Ranked Match channel
  • Santorini map is added to Quick Match Demolition 8V8, Custom Match, and Demolition channel
  • Rush map is added to Custom Match TDM channel
  • Revenge map is added to Quick Match TDM, and Custom Match TDM channel
  • Skyscraper map is added to Quick Match TDM, and Custom Match TDM channel
  • Dust Sheld, Collection, and Two Faced maps are removed from all TDM and are now only playable in Demolition MOde


  • Server stabilization improvement
    – fixed and intermittent disconnect problem
  • Force window switch to Black Squad screen upon start of games in Quick Match, Clan Rank Match, and etc.
    – When Black Squad window screen is moved down on window
    – When the window is focusing on other program rather than Black Squad window when in window mode
  • Reordered server list
    – Moved East Asia and Southeast Asia server on the top
  • By clicking the left top banner in lobby, it directs you to our homepage


  • Fixed an outline effect on the magazine while on killer cam mode that remains in the next round


  • Changed customer service URL in launcher
    – Please leave your ticket in our new customer service center
  • Clan Rank point will reset during 13th EA patch update. Detailed information on Clan Rank Point reset and reward system will be announced soon through Steam Store Page.