Rank Point Reset & Start of Pre-season

  • This update will reset your clan and individual rank points, and the trial season for Clan Ranked Match will end
  • Following Calling Card prizes will be given based on rank points achieved during the trial season
    1. Grand Prize – Rank point above or equal to 3,400
    2. Excellence Prize – Rank point above or equal to 3,100 ~ below 3,400
    3. Participation Prize – Rank point below 3,100
  • The Clan Ranked Match Pre-season will start
    – Your initial individual rank points for the pre-season will depend on your rank points achieved during the trial season
  • Improved the clan matchmaking logic
    1. You will be no longer matched against the previous team (except in the case of matchmaking failure for a long time due to shortage of matching opponents)
    2. Search time is reduced, and search range is extended more precisely based on the team’s average points
    3. A match between two teams with huge difference in rank points is prevented
    4. The minimum value of the individual rank points is reduced from 2,800 points to 2,500 points
    5. Clan rank points earned or lost by winning or losing the match will be reduced
    6. Your relative rank points (either even or advantage) will be more precisely calculated
  • Clan Creation level decreased from staff sergeant rank 2 to sergeant

Free DLC – Welcome Fortune Box

  • As appreciation, ‘Free DLC – Welcome Fortune Box’ will be available for everyone
  • You will receive one permanent item at random

2017 Black Friday Sale

  • Sales Period: Nov 22 00:00:00 ~ Nov 28 23:59:59
  • Sales Items
    1. 4 DLC Packages
    2. Individual DLC: 30% off
    3. Bundle: 50% off (If you already own more than 1 DLC pack in the bundle, you will get 50% off for the rest)
  • In-game items
    1. New items: 10%
      – AK12 Blue Urban
      – MDR Blue Urban
      – Blazer R93 Blue Urban
      – G17 Tier1 Blue Urban
      – HNK25C Blue Urban
      – Nimravus Blue Urban
      – Jayce
      – Skorpion Chrome
  • Existing items: 30%


Medal Shop
  • Skorpion Chrome (Price: 20,000 BS Coin / Permanent)
  • Blue Urban skin series (500 BS Coin / Permanent)
    1. AK12 Blue Urban
    2. MDR Blue Urban
    3. Blazer R93 Blue Urban
    4. G17 Tier1 Blue Urban
    5. HNK45C Blue Urban
    6. Nimravus Blue Urban
  • Jayce (Price: 750 BS Coin / Permanent)


Random Box Shop
  • Skorpion Box


System Improvement
  • Improved cue retrieval time and search range of quick match
  • Fixed a problem which players getting disconnected from the game while in lobby


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