System & Content

Bullet Purchase Pop-up Menu UI Improvement

  • Improved the design of charge and renew buttons on the Bullet section (below your name card)
  • The Bullet purchase pop-up menu will appear by clicking anywhere on the Bullet section
  • When Bullet is on sale or special offer, a speech bubble icon will appear on the Bullet section for recognition
    – This icon will be automatically off after 1 minute or when clicking charge icon(+)

Bullet at Special Price

  • Bullet is now on special offer.
    – It’s one-time-only offer per account
    – 1,200 Bullet ($9.99) for only $0.99

Battle B Match Mode & Event Removed

  • Removed Battle B Match Mode in Quick Match
  • Removed Happy Holidays & Season’s Greeting mission in Special Event
    – Its rewards (Happy Holiday Box) is no longer available as well


  • Increased the HP of Heli Support and Minigun’s burst speed for Command Class in Battle mode


New Items

[Medal Shop]

  • AXMC – new sniper rifle (3,200 Medal / Permanent)


Function Improvement
  • Improved the stability of ping display on the game launcher
  • Now you can see real-time ping on the launcher


Bug Fix
  • You can now change crosshair size for dot and circular type

  • Fixing crosshair option is now available for circular type
  • Corrected the flag of Georgia on its country name card
    [Note] We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment caused by this mistake to all Georgian players.
  • Fixed the scoreboard being displayed as 10vs10 mode irregularly in Destruction Mode
  • Fixed the intermittent bug where Europe server is selected by default on the game launcher
  • You will receive ‘First day in clan’ Steam Achievement even if you are already in a clan


Localization Fix

[Chinese – Traditional & Simplified]

  • When you’re chatting with someone with Whisper function, their name will no longer be displayed as ‘%name’
  • When you are in East Asia server, the description of each channel will no longer be displayed as ‘\n’

[Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Russian]

  • The weapon description for MP7A1 and KRISS VECTOR will now be fully displayed

[Portuguese, French, German, Spanish]

  • Corrected the required number of matches to receive rewards from ‘5/8/10’ to ‘1/5/10’ in Daily Mission


  • Corrected the required number of matches to receive rewards from ‘10’ to ‘6’ in Special Event