Sponsored Twitch Stream

Sponsored Twitch Stream

One of the most well-known Twitch Streamers will stream Black Squad on Twitch! Watch your favorite streamers playing Black Squad online. It’s going to be a fun stream.
and not only this! They will also do Black squad item giveaway during their stream time, so make sure not to miss their stream on Twitch.

Twitch Channels

Item giveaway during the stream will be! 

M4 Custom GL Dragon Yellow

Anthony Kongphan’s stream schedule

Dethridge’s stream schedule

Dmbrandon’s stream schedule

Ellohime’s stream schedule

Lowco’s stream schedule

Professor Broman’s stream schedule

Sattelizer’s stream schedule

Teawrex’s stream schedule


We will also have collaboration stream with these streamers!
collaboration schedule to be posted soon