Hello Soldiers,

A week has already passed in a flash since the first announcement of the Clare Cup!

On Feb 12, the 2-week clan ranking from 1st to 50th will be announced.
Those clans who enter into the top 40, are expected to confirm their participation in Discord according to the Tournament Schedule below.
As announced earlier, only 4 slots are available for each server region.
1st clan has a priority to choose their tournament server region first, and so on.

Please note that holding multiple tournaments in each server region rather than single tournament is for ping balance between competing clans.
Thus, it is STRONGLY advised that clans should select the tournament server region with the best ping.

We understand that you all have different opinions about the Clare Cup.
It is worth taking note that the Clare Cup is one of our events to make you keep tac reload.
Especially, it was to boost the Clan Ranked Match this time.
There will be other (and better, for sure) events and tournaments in the future to suit your different needs.
Until then, we really hope you guys enjoy the Clare Cup!

Tournament Schedule

<NOTE> The Tournament Schedule is subject to change, depending on circumstances.

Tournament Rules

  • Single-elimination tournament with 4 teams in each server region (NA, SA, EU, SEA, EA)
  • 1st clan to choose their tournament server region first, and so on
  • 5 vs 5 Demolition
  • Format:
    – Semifinal: best of three
    – Final: best of five
  • Channel:
    – Semifinal: Clan Match Channel > Practice Match Room
    – Final: Competition Match Channel
  • Map:
    – Semifinal: each clan to choose 1 map
    – Final: each clan to choose 2 maps
    – Random map for the last round
    – A higher ranking clan has a priority to choose the map for the first match. Change the map alternately afterwards.
  • Team Selection:
    – A lower ranking clan has a priority to choose either to attack (Viper Circle) or defend (Peace Maker) for the first match. Change the side alternately afterwards.
  • Room Conditions:


  • Every player must understand and agree with the rules in order to participate in the Clare Cup. Also, he or she is expected and required to abide by the rules.
  • Every participating clan must select a clan representative from among themselves who is in charge of all communication among their clan, opposing clans and the Admins (Black Squad Team, Medics, Discord mods).
  • A clan representative from 1st to 40th clans who wishes to confirm participation is required to post the following in Discord (#Confirmation of Participation) within the Semifinal Scheduling Period:
    – Clan Name
    – 2-week Rank
    – Tournament Server Region: 1st and 2nd preference
    – A screenshot of your clan profile, displaying your Callsign

<NOTE> If a clan representative DO NOT confirm their participation within the Semifinal Scheduling Period, they CANNOT participate in the tournament. Also, the tournament bracket will be updated in real time during the Semifinal Scheduling Period.

  • When the tournament bracket is announced for their clans, a clan representative of higher ranking clan must post the following in Discord (#Match Schedule), after discussion with the representative of opposing clan until Feb 15:
    – Your clan name vs Opposing clan’s name
    – Semifinal match date and time
  • The Finals Schedule must be discussed with Admins. The relevant announcement will be made before the Final Scheduling Period.
  • A clan representative of each clan is required to take the scoreboard after every match. The clan representative of the winning clan must post in Discord (#Match Results) the screenshots of every scoreboard.
  • If clan representatives have any issues before, during and after matches, they are required to contact the Admins as soon as possible.
  • Any players who participate in the Clare Cup in inappropriate way will be punished according to our Code of Conduct.


  • 1st Clan: exclusive calling card and 25,000 BS Coin
  • 2nd Clan: 5,000 BS Coin

<NOTE> Only players who play in the Finals are eligible to receive prizes.