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Added test channel

Hello from the Black squad development team.

This patch adds a test channel, and the configuration of the test channel is shown below.

  • Only players who have the test channel ticket can enter the test channel.
  • The test channel has a crouch spam prevention system.
  • The mode/map configuration of the test channel is the same as the custom channel.

The development team has been monitoring the use of Crouch spam and has come to the conclusion that they should be restricted in continuous use.

The Crouch Spam Prevention System is shown below:

  • A stamina system has been added, and this stamina is a necessary resource for crouching.
  • Stamina will be deducted once per crouching.
  • If the remaining stamina is gradually reduced by using the crouching several times, the crouching/standing speed becomes slower in proportion to the current stamina amount.
  • If the stamina is at its maximum, the crouching/standing will happen at 100% speed.
  • If the remaining stamina is insufficient, the speed of crouching/standing will be very slow.
  • If you do not have enough stamina to do one crouch, you will not be able to crouch. You will need to restore your stamina to a certain amount of time before you can crouch again.
  • When the stamina reaches zero, it takes about 6 seconds to recover to its maximum value.

Because of the Crouch Spam Prevention System, there is now a limit to the use of Crouching when engaging the enemy, and if used continuously, the Stamina will be depleted quickly and you will not be able to use Crouching until the Stamina is restored. This helps to prevent the Crouch spam.

We hope that the system will have a positive effect. The new system will be applied only to the test channel without applying it to all servers from the beginning. We will receive various opinions from the testers and improve the application timing and system completeness.

The tester selection and the operation plans for the test channel will be announced soon.
We look forward in having a great amount of participation in the test activities, and many feedbacks from players.

Thank you.

Crouch Spam prevention added in practice mode

  • For test purposes, crouch spam prevention has been added to practice mode.

Lunar New Year Special sale ended

  • Lunar New Year Special sale has ended.

Korean language support

  • You can choose Korean language above on the game launcher.

Improvement in Clan Match-Making

Those users whose rank points are too high or low were having trouble in clan match-making,
So we changed the matching system to search for a more wide range of users with faster speed

  • Marginal lowest rank points changed from 2500 to 2800
    – Rank points lower than 2800 will be changed to 2800.


Medal Shop
  • SIZ556XI RUS GL is now on sale.


Function Improvements
  • Spawn protection will be removed as soon as the protected player do a hostile act. For example, throwing a grenade, attack with a knife or a gun, or using a skill.
  • Added weapon FOV option
    – Choose FOV value from -5.0 to +5.0. Default FOV is 0.
  • Improved Lobby, In-game chatting display.
    – Words in chatting box will no longer be truncated from now on.
  • Improved discern system of the tile that the character is stepping on. Now is possible to identify more accurately the character location with the step sound effect.


  • Fixed abnormal grenade display bug in spectator mode.
  • Fixed a bug in game launcher – While in server maintenance, the MAINTENANCE button on launcher will no longer be changed to PLAY button.
  • Fixed defuse bug in DUSTSHIELD B site, defusing bomb in B site functions normally now. C4 plant area become little smaller, therefore from now on planting the bomb in the pit is impossible.