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Clan Rank Match – Pre-Season Extended

  • Pre-Season Extended.
  • Individual rank points from Clan rank matches gained during the last Pre-season has been reset.
  • Individual rank points will be set to 3000.

Hello from the Black Squad development team.
During the pre-season, many clans participated in the clan rank matches.
We monitored all clan rank matches during the last pre-season; so that we
could get meaningful data.
In the extended pre-season, we will use this data to give rewards according to the individual rank points at the end of the season.
We’ll soon announce the period and standard for rewards.

The following unique item will be included in the rewards.

We hope that many of you will participate in the extended pre-season.

Thanks from Black Squad team.

NA, EU Server – Change in the High Ping Check restriction in Clan Channel

  • Players with a ping higher than 200 are now restricted from playing

Clan Channel–up to master sergeant rank

  • Clan Channel is available for players with a rank higher than master sergeant.

Test Channel Removal

  • All test channels were removed.


Medal Shop
  • HNK416A5 GL is now on sale.


Function Improvements
  • Improved FPS drop in-game issue.


Bug Fix
  • Fixed a display bug that displays word “undefined” on the chat box occasionally.
  • Fixed an image bug that does not properly reduce its size when the crosshair is set to 0.5 (Image-only issue).