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Crouch spam prevention system application

  • The crouch spam prevention system has been applied to all servers/channels.
  • What is the crouch spam prevention system?
    • When you crouch continuously several times in a row continuously, crouching speed becomes slower. This system prevents users from having advantages from crouching continuously during combat. When crouching is not used continuously, crouching and standing can be used at normal speed.
  • Crouch spam prevention system functions.
    • Stamina has been added. Crouching requires stamina.
    • Stamina is not displayed on HUD.
    • Stamina decreases per crouch.
    • When crouch is used several times, stamina will decrease. The speed of crouching is direct related with the amount of stamina.
    • Crouch is available with 100% speed when you have enough stamina.
    • When there is not enough stamina, the crouching speed will be very slow.

Hello from the Black Squad development team.

We tested the crouch spam prevention system on the test channel and we received many types of feedbacks from you.
We analyzed the opinions of the players regarding the improvement of some functions and finally applied them as follows.
The following changes have been made to the crouch spam prevention system that was applied to the test channel.

  • The stamina recovery speed has been increased. The time required to recover to its maximum has been decreased.
  • Now you can crouch even if you do not have the minimum stamina required. However the crouch is executed at its slowest speed.
  • Before, when stamina reached 0, stamina did not start to recover immediately. Now when the stamina reaches 0, the recovery happens immediately. As a result, the time to reach maximum stamina (100) has been decreased.
  • Even if you crouch continuously, you can crouch for the first and second time without any speed changes. From the third time on, the user will experience slowness in crouching.

Thank you all for your participation in the last test.

Battle Record Check After Death

  • Checking each round’s battle record after your character’s death is now available in Demolition and Assassination mode.
  • Damage you have received, damage to enemies, and kill record is now available.
  • Battle record will be reset after your character’s death or at the end of the round.
  • Display battle record when the round ends, in case you are still alive.


Function Improvements
  • Regardless of right or left hand mode setting, the skills and weapons below will be displayed with right hand mode only.
    • C4
    • All the skills except M32, XM25, AT4, STEYR50.
      • Claymore, Ammo kit, Medi kit, UAV, Sonar Vision, Hell Pike, Sentry Gun, Trophy System, Juggernaut, Artillery support, Heli Support, Air Strike.
  • The duration for kick AFK(Away from keyboard) has become shorter.
    • Match room: 5Min → 3Min
    • In game: 2Min → 1.5Min


Bug Fix
  • Fixed crosshair alpha value.
  • Fixed invisible weapon display bug that occurs when swapping weapons while throwing grenade.
  • Fixed overlap display bug for some Turkish .
  • Fixed tool tip display bug for upper, down side icon in lobby.